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Charcoal grills have gained a lot of popularity since the barbeque or grilled foods have become famous. A lot of distinct charcoal grills have taken over the market. They are widely used in restaurants and even at small family gatherings as well. These charcoal grills can be gas-fueled or they can either use charcoal to provide the heat from the bottom or you can also get a combo of the two. Now the question arises, which one is the best charcoal grill amongst the wide array? You simply can’t name any one of them as everyone has different preferences and needs. In order to help you out in the selection I, Julijana Herceg created my personal blogs featuring various charcoal grills and combos as well so that you have a better understanding of a few before the purchase. I have also given some guidance regarding the making of charcoal grills at home if you can’t afford the market price. There are some guide articles that will help you in seasoning the grill and in the preparation of grilled chicken.