Weber 14401001 Charcoal Grill Reviews

Weber Charcoal Grill Reviews

Weber 14401001 Charcoal Grill: QUICK OVERVIEW




Price Range

What We Like

  • Portability
  • Aluminum ash catcher
  • Steel plated hinged cooking grate

What We Don't Like

  • Little unstable at sometimes
  • Thermometer doesn't give accurate readings

Planning for a picnic or a simple garden get together with family and friends on a summer day is incomplete without the ubiquitous barbeque grill. The sight of sizzling meat, the sound of laughter, the anticipation and finally the smoky taste – all these together make up the cherished family experience. These sights and scenes have been a part of most of our childhood memories and definitely something we want to recreate. In this world of convenience, there are definitely a number of alternatives like gas grills, electric smokers but, when it comes to either taste or nostalgia, nothing beats the traditional charcoal grill. Here, we take a look at one of the most sought after modern-day charcoal grill from the market leader themselves. The Weber 14401001 is your quintessential kettle charcoal grill, designed for style and utility. Let us begin by taking a look at some of its features that stand out helping it to be a leading premium option as well as some things that are left wanting.

Having said this, let us get into learning a little more about the product and its specifications as it is a choice of almost all the experts for a great grilling experience. So, what goes into the product?

The Weber 14401001 is a premium model from Weber who is known for their excellent designs and great products. No charcoal grill discussion is complete without a Weber model being discussed and that speaks volumes about the quality that you can expect. This particular model is their original 22” design that has stood the test of time over the decades. Not much has been altered in the design as people love it the way it is. It is a standard kettle grill with carefully planned space for charcoal, adjusting air vents to create the correct convection circuit for heating and emphasis on ease of cleaning.

Who is this Product for?

This is a question that immediately comes to mind when you hear so many praises about a model. Well, if you plan to host large groups on a regular basis, the same needs to be evaluated with the size of the cooking space available. If the size seems sufficient for you, there is not much that the Weber 14401001 cannot do for you. Just go ahead and enjoy the best experience.

What’s Included?

So, if you have almost made up your mind about going ahead with the Weber 14401001, let us peep into the box and see what all are you getting for the price of nearly $100 – $200 that you spend.

The package contains the following things

  • Parts of the grill that needs to be assembled
  • The User Manual
  • The Service & Warranty Manual

Overview of Features

Weber Charcoal Grill Review

  • Steel Plated Hinged Grate

The first and most important consideration for buying a charcoal grill is the ease of accessing the charcoal tray and adjusting the quantity to control the temperature. After all, you do not want undercooked or burnt meat just because you could not adjust the coal. This is wonderfully handled in the Weber 14401001, giving you easy access to the charcoal tray by means of the steel-plated hinged grate.

  • Detachable Ash Catcher

However tasty you may find the smoky taste and texture of the meat grilled on a charcoal based grill, the one thing that is certainly a big put off is the ash flying all over the place once the charcoal is burnt. This problem is handled brilliantly in the Weber 14401001 with the beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing detachable ash catcher. The high capacity combined with the ease of removal, cleaning, and reattachment makes this model a winner.

  • Angled Lid Hooks

Another thoughtful design feature, surely added by someone who understands grilling with its pains and pleasures, this solves a problem with many of the grills in the market. When you remove the lid, you can easily hang it on these hooks, rather than placing the hot lid on the ground or separately. Accidents avoided and the lid is right there when you need it for the second batch of cooking. Cool, isn’t it?

How to Use Weber Charcoal Grill

On receiving your package, the first thing you should check out is the user manual as it is an ultimate guide to use your newest possession. The user manual contains not just the assembly instructions, the safety warnings but also a fair bit of information about charcoal grilling and some delicious recipes that you can attempt on your Weber 14401001. Next time you are entertaining guests, show off your cooking skills with these easy recipes!

Now, coming to the actual assembly of the grill, it is extremely easy and can be done within half an hour and you are all set for your outing. The dimensions of the assembled unit come to 38.5 X 27 X 22.5 inches. The model is extremely lightweight, weighing roughly 32.3 pounds (14.5 kgs) making it easy to transport.

Final Verdict

After trying a lot of options available in the market and comparing them to this cool little device, our panel of experts agrees on one thing. The Weber 14401001 proves that less is more, by packing in so much in its small size. You can definitely enjoy your barbeque sessions with your friends and leave all the nitty-gritty to this beauty. The long-lasting quality of the material proves why this grill has really stood the test of time.

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